Stay connected wherever you go in your Lincoln Corsair®, the SUV that equips advanced technology in all its systems: connectivity, entertainment, safety and comfort. 

Discover how a trip becomes unparalleled experiences.

Lincoln Corsair 2024 equips Phone As a Key to access commands from your SUV



With Phone As A Key technology, you can access your SUV's commands, settings and information on your mobile device.* Using the Lincoln Way™ app, your smartphone can be configured to perform traditional remote control functions such as unlocking, lock, remote start and access the liftgate. Through a Bluetooth® connection, your phone will allow you to enter your Lincoln Corsair® and start it with the push of a button. And if your phone battery runs out, a Lincoln Corsair® backup system will let you simply enter a PIN to unlock and start the SUV.


*Available on certain vehicles. Requires feature activation. Not compatible with all mobile phones.

Lincoln Corsair 2024, the Luxury SUV that equips a Wireless Charging Base for Mobile Devices



Experience seamless charging in the Lincoln Corsair® with its convenient wireless charging pad*. Simply place your smartphone on the pad and let it charge without the hassle of cables. This sleek and subtle feature adds a touch of practical luxury and smart technology to your ride.


*Available Qi wireless charging may not be compatible with all mobile phones.

Enjoy the Lincoln Way App and Monitor the Condition of your 2024 Corsair Luxury SUV



Your SUV details allow you to monitor the condition of your Lincoln Corsair®, check oil durability and tire pressure wherever you are. Should something happen on the road, 24/7 roadside assistance keeps you protected.* Welcome to an exclusive ownership experience. Welcome to Lincoln Way.


*Original owner coverage varies depending on vehicle model.


2024 Lincoln Corsair Personal Profiles Adjust SUV's Preset Configuration



With personal profiles, the Lincoln Corsair® SUV can recognize drivers by their key fob and automatically adjust preselected settings, including preferences for seating position, sound and driver assistance system.

2024 Lincoln Corsair SUV with 360-Degree Split View Camera Showing Cross Traffic


Expand your vision with a series of cameras built into Lincoln Corsair® that provide a superior field of vision around the SUV. The 360˚ camera system also offers a front or rear view and a split view that lets you see what's in front or behind the vehicle, plus other images that show you cross traffic. All views can be accessed with the push of a button for better perception to ensure you can make virtually any maneuver without obstacles.

New Lincoln Corsair 2024: Equipped with Head-Up Display that Projects SUV Information



Keep your eyes on the road and get the data you need with just a glance. The digital overhead display projects driver information onto the Lincoln Corsair® windshield. The screen is visible in virtually all lighting conditions and can even be read with polarized sunglasses. You can also customize the information displayed, such as Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control 2.0 settings, lane keeping system information, and more.


*To set it up, use the menu and steering wheel controls.

2024 Lincoln Corsair, Luxury SUV with 14-Speaker Revel Audio System and Subwoofer



Immerse yourself in a concert-like experience right from the driver's seat of your Lincoln Corsair® Luxury SUV. With the Revel sound system, boasting 14 speakers including a subwoofer, a 12-channel amplifier, and QuantumLogic® surround sound technology, every journey becomes an immersive and spectacular auditory adventure.


Discover the Lincoln Co Pilot360 Technologies equipped in the 2024 Lincoln Corsair Luxury SUV



The Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ 2.1 road-ready system comes with smart technology features to help you stay calm behind the wheel. In the city, you can use the rear parking sensors, rear camera and blind spot information system for added peace of mind. On the highway, cruise smoothly with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control 2.0 and Lane Keeping System.



Building on the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ 2.1, Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ 2.1 Vision adds a 360˚ camera with cameras on the sides to give you a clear view of what's around you. Additional front and side parking sensors, as well as reverse brake assist, allow you to check that you are clear of any obstacles.


Lincoln Corsair 2024, the Luxury SUV equipped with a 13.2-Inch Touch Screen



The Lincoln Corsair® Luxury SUV equips a 13.2-inch liquid crystal touch screen with a custom Lincoln Constellation design, inspired by the cosmos. Plus, Calm's new display makes interacting with your vehicle serene and rewarding.

New 2024 Lincoln Corsair SUV, equipped with SYNC compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto



Stay connected wherever you go with SYNC®4 technology, which offers enhanced voice recognition and software updates, allowing you to wirelessly update your SUV's features, performance and conveniences. With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility, you can connect your phone wirelessly for a seamless user experience.

Discover Lincoln Corsair 2024, the SUV with Lincoln Connect Wireless Modem



The Lincoln Connect® modem built into the SUV allows you and your passengers to easily access a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to 10 devices can be connected at the same time with an operating range of up to 50 feet from the SUV. Plus, with the Lincoln Way™ app you can keep track of your Wi-Fi usage.